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Christian Study Guide

If we asked most Christians to list what the gospel stories about Jesus talk about, it wouldn’t be long before the words “healing” and “food” made the list. Jesus constantly healed people, physically and spiritually. When they were hungry, on hillsides or at table, he fed them.

Those matters — sustenance and health — that are close to Jesus’ heart are at the core of the 2016 Hunger Report, the Nourishing Effect. The report offers information, insight and challenges to help people of faith learn about and act on these key issues for our nation and world, and the 2016 Christian Study guide is a tool that can them do just that.

The Study Guide includes four interactive small-group sessions rooted in the content of The Nourishing Effect. It also includes a separate guide to help study leaders prepare successfully for each session.

You can download and print a PDF copy of the full Study Guide below, or order a full printed Hunger Report and Study Guide.

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