Ending Hunger in America

The 2014 Hunger Report


  • Four Steps to Ending Hunger in America

    Ending Hunger in America

    Ending hunger in America is possible. If we decided we really wanted to do it, we could wake up one morning in 2030 and live in a country where hunger is rare and temporary, not the shared experience of millions of Americans as it is today.

  • Is Hunger in America the New Normal?

    Hunger: The New Normal?

    In 2012 nearly 50 million people in the United States lived in households that struggled to put enough food on the table.

  • Raise the Minimum Wage

    Raise the Minimum Wage

    Income from work is the primary buffer against hunger for the vast majority of American families, yet many jobs pay poverty-level wages.

  • Give Workers Flexible Work Schedules to Care for Families

    A Fair Deal for Workers

    Government has an obligation to protect the welfare of children, elderly people, and people with disabilities by setting fair labor standards.

  • Full Employment is the First Step to Ending Hunger in America

    Full Employment in America

    It may sound simple, but a good job is still the best way out of poverty. It’s time to prioritize full employment.

  • SNAP: It's There When You Need It

    Strengthen Safety Net Programs Like SNAP

    We can get close to ending hunger in America by pursuing full employment and a fair deal for workers. But we cannot end hunger altogether without confronting knottier social issues.