Ending Hunger in America

The 2014 Hunger Report

Christian Study Guide

Christian Study Guide

Setting a goal of ending hunger within a generation is not just a policy recommendation — it is a biblical mandate and a Christian calling.

The 2014 Hunger Report Christian Study Guide is a resource for church, school and other groups that want to reflect more deeply on the biblical basis for work to combat poverty, hunger, and inequality in society and linkages to key recommendations in the Hunger Report.

The study guide is designed for Christians of many theological and political viewpoints. You should feel free to adapt the guide to enhance the experience for your group. It includes six small-group sessions rooted in the content of the 2014 Hunger Report, Ending Hunger in America.

Session one introduces the Report’s overall theme; the following five sessions develop specific topics emphasized in the Hunger Report.

If your group cannot do all six sessions, we recommend that you start with Session one.