Christian Study Guide


The Bible is full of stories about vulnerable people who rely on God for blessing and protection. It’s also full of stories about God’s using unlikely individuals to make a difference in the world. These stories illustrate the vulnerability of human beings, but they also remind us time and again that we have an obligation to protect and care for the vulnerable — the widow, the orphan, and the sojourner.

As the world works to eradicate hunger in all forms by 2030, people living in fragile states are among the most vulnerable — victims of war, ineffective governments, and the unjust effects of climate change.

The 2017 Hunger Report Christian Study Guide offers a tool for Christian groups to respond to God’s command to protect the vulnerable in the 21st century. The guide includes four small-group sessions rooted in the content of Fragile Environments, Resilient Communities. Session 1 introduces the Report’s overall theme and the other three sessions develop specific topics that the Hunger Report emphasizes. It also includes a guide to help study leaders prepare successfully for each session.

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